Dr. J.M. Gallego - 10th Dan

Career Highlights

10th Dan - Neko-Do Goju-Ryu
7th Dan - Judo (Phil Porter)
7th Dan - Jujitsu (Phil Porter)

In 1968, Gallego Sensei began his martial arts studies in Union City, New Jersey. He first studied the discipline of Judo under Sensei Orlando Mesa. Shortly thereafter, seeking proficiency in distance fighting principles, he began to practice the combat arts. This led him to martial arts legend, Yoshisada Yonezuka, in Cranford, New Jersey. He also apprenticed in Goju-Ryu under the direction of Grandmaster Peter G. Urban. Since 1981, Dr. Gallego had been in the USAGA network until 2001, and still kept regular communication with the Founder—Urban Sensei until his death in 2004. In addition, he keeps regular communication with his confidant—Grandmaster Manny A. Saavedra, founder of Sansei Goju-Ryu.

In 1987, Dr. Gallego founded Neko-Do Goju-Ryu. Presently Dr. Gallego has chartered schools in Florida, Ohio, Canada, Dominican Republic, India, and Russia. Furthermore, he continues to research technical aspects of Goju-Ryu—self-defense, bunkai, and methods of training.

Neko-Do Goju-Ryu continues to grow into other parts of the world. This system is not commercial, and many branches around the world cater to the impoverished and disadvantaged members of society. The organization continues to work closely with other Goju-Ryu organizations.

Dr. Gallego is a researcher, philosopher, and author. He presently holds a 10th Dan under Maestro Peter G. Urban, and has a 7th Dan in Judo and Ju-Jitsu under O’Sensei Philip Porter. He continues to research the area of Goju-Ryu, in addition to a myriad of responsibilities.

In addition, Dr. Gallego has been inducted into several halls of fame. They include: The World Martial Arts Hall of Fame (1994); The Eastern United States of America International Martial Arts Hall of Fame-International Black Belt Hall of Fame (1996 and 1998); The United States Martial Arts Association International-Soke (1998); The Florida Cosmopolitan Hall of Fame (2000); The United States Grandmaster's Council (2001); and The United States Martial Arts Association Grandmaster's Council (2005).

You can check out Dr. Gallego's website at: http://www.nekodokarate.com/

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