For over 20 years, United Fighting Systems has been an association in which all martial artists, regardless of style, can belong, be recognized, and have the opportunity for rank recognition and advancement. We've helped hundreds of martial artists and instructors achieve that.

The martial arts are constantly evolving. Today, more than ever, it's necessary to know and use techniques from numerous martial arts styles. Take for example the brazilian jiu-jitsu explosion. There are few organizations that will recognize your present style or rank, and support you in learning, advancing in, or teaching, techniques from styles other than their own.

United Fighting Systems wants to assist the open minded and independent thinking martial arts instructor, and artist, by being an association that recognizes them, their time in the martial arts, their rank, and accomplishments, no matter what styles, or techniques, they practice and participate in.

If you feel under ranked for the time you've put in, or you're looking for an association that allows no restrictions in what you want to learn or teach, UFS is the answer. Let us provide you with the rank, recognition, freedom, and independence, you deserve.

Put together a detailed martial arts biography of your training. This should include dates, instructors, schools, and styles. Along with that, tell us what you're hoping to find, specifically how we can help you. Email that to mmadallas@gmail.com

Please allow up to a week for that to be reviewed before expecting a response.

Thank You.

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